"Cymbal Dancer"

A terrific rare sculptural design by Gerdago


This is a reproduction of a 1920's-1930's statue after Gerdago.
It is a solid bronze statue with gold paint and no accent colors as might normally be expected of a Gerdago piece.

It is about 12 3/4" high on a marble base, width
is 11" and the body is a narrow 1 1/4".

The gold color showing in the figures below is the most correct on this page.


Re the figure on the left. The ivory fit is less than perfect.

Outboard on the right pant leg is some small pitting
and the imbedded signature for Gerdago.



Item No.  GER III

Price:  $425.00.00




Decor Art Deco
859 N. Hollywood Way #90
Burbank, Ca. 91505