"Exotic Fish"

Artist Giovanni

27"H x 15"w
Narrow thickness varies

"To appreciate this "multi-media" type of sculpture you might have to have had some prior exposure to this artists works. It is very unusual and to see it is to appreciate it best."

It is what is commonly referred to as a "Multi Media" sculpture. Which refers to the fact that several different metal materials are applied during the casting process to the outer surface. Extreme detail and precision is the result. No one we know of compares, or even attempts, the exactness that the Giovanni crafts people accomplished in doing this work.
To accomplish this, the works are resin based, not hot metal.
The mounting and framing of this piece is old and awful. However, it does protect the piece for now and a new owner will want to either re frame it or better yet free mount it to an appropriate wall.

Item NO. MI 03
Price: $2,599.00

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